Top Flex Explorers

Top Flex Explorers

Here is a list of various flex explorers that I’ve found handy, in no particular order.

  • Graphics Explorer –

  • Chart Sampler –

  • Custom Easing Function Explorer –

  • CSS Style Explorer –

  • Filter Explorer (BlurFilter, GlowFilter etc) –

  • Distortion effects (still nice, even though I’m trying to do the 3D stuff in flash 10, this was ahead of its time)



These are ones I’ve seen but never had to use.

  • Rounded, Enhanced button explorer

  • Reflection explorer

  • Perlin noise

  • Dual Slider

  • Pixel Bender explorers  (AIR application)

If you have any you’d like me to post, or if you know of any other good exlporers, let me know and I’ll add them into the list.


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