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Linear and Radial gradients – visually explained

Linear and Radial gradients – visually explained

I was playing around with some code recently (Flex 4 code) and I went to create a simple background and not having Catalyst or similar to output a fxg file I went to create my own gradients with some code. After a couple of goes and not getting anything resembeling what I expect I decided to write a quick explorer.

I’ve done something similar ages ago with flex 3, so I thought I’d do this with flex 4 and perhaps look to expand it as an example of reskining an app with different skins. (source code may follow when I do this)  So here is the first step. A simple explorer to help understand the values that are used to make a Linear or Radial gradient along with the entries that make the look how they look.

I think it should be self explanatory, but if not just post a comment.

Follow the link to open the explorer.

Explorer screenshot

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Creating gradient lines and fills

Creating gradient lines and fills

Ever wanted to create a gradient fill or experiment with the various settings in the beginGradientFill method?

I was trying to recreate a simple black background which faded in the middle to a white shade then back to black again and I spent quite a while  trying various options, recompile, test, try more options etc.  This was taking way to long so I created a very quick explorer for the beginGradientFill method.

Hopefully you’ll find it as useful as I did for finding out exactly what values need to change to get a desired result.

Gradient Explorer image

Click to open fill explorer