Simple tip #4 (GOTCHA) – Datagrid borders

Simple tip #4 (GOTCHA) – Datagrid borders

More of a gotcha than a simple tip.

I was customising a DataGrid with various skin parts the other day (Flex 3) and could I get the borderskin to show, heck no! Its been a while since I had to create a DG from scratch so I’d obviously blacked out any previous pain with using the dammed DG.

Anyway why would the borderskin not show? I tried a simple solid border, nope. I tried a custom png graphic taken from Fireworks for the DG’s border, nope. I tried a programmatic skin border and guess what nope – nothing.  The issue was that I had the background alpha set to 1 (which is pretty normal!) and I had set the alternate row colours.

Setting the background alpha to something less than 1 revealed the border so I ended up fudging it by creating the programmatic skin border by whatever the borderThickness is outside the size of the DG.  
So if the DG was meant to be 400px wide and borderThickness was 2, I made the DG 396px wide and drew the border outside that area.  This is what I’ve expect to happen automatically.

Can’t believe I’ve missed this/forgotten this before. Crappy DG.

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