Side effect from cube effect

Side effect from cube effect

Well I’ve been working on creating some cube style effects at my work and in particular an actionscript project that will take any number of containers and then rotate them in a cube style using the new flash 10 libaries.

Anyway I got a Sin() mixed up for a Cos() and the following effect happened which I thought was quite a cool effect. Ignore the colours and its roughness it’s just a prototype swf but I thought I stick it up just to show the side effect that I never expected 🙂

Not Expected

[kml_flashembed movie=”/flex/3d_experiment_wrong/WrongWay.swf” height=”500″ width=”600″ /]




[kml_flashembed movie=”/flex/3d_experiment_wrong/CorrectWay.swf” height=”500″ width=”600″ /]



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