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Beinn Bhuidhe

Beinn Bhuidhe

Cycle and hike – photos here https://flic.kr/s/aHsmFMyddc

Ideal with a bike as there is roughly a 6km flat section in (and of course back out). There are signs that do ask that you leave your bike after about 4km, but after being on the track I’m not sure why they ask this. My guess is that inconsiderate people leave the gates open when cycling – so don’t do that.

After the main road section beyond the gates, the paths are still great.

Beinn Bhuidhe is a cracking munro, maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the micro brewery at the bottom, or maybe it was the sheer wealth of wildlife that I met on the way up the hill. Certainly one to complete.

If you do aim to complete this hill then if you follow the below then you’ll get more out of it as if you look at the map you could go up either side of the waterfall. But one side is much better to go up and the other to come down.

Look at that long flat path! Great for bikes, and such a joy on the homeward portion.

So which side and why?

Once you reach the point of choice, make sure you take the south side of the route going up the waterfall – why? Well if you don’t then you’ll miss out on this!

Number of pools on the way up
The path on the right of the stream is to far away to see this and its nothing but bracken up to your head height.
The left side of the waterfall had a huge variety of plants and at the same time wildlife. I seen literally 100’s of butterfly’s, probably 1000’s

So why go down the other side, if the left side is so good?

Well, the scenic route up can be a bit steep, which I find fine for going up but I’d rather a gradual slope on the way down. After being at the top and spending ages taking photos on the way up, you just want to get down and hit the micro brewery!!!