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Silverlight / AIR / NYT

Silverlight / AIR / NYT

Well this is slightly old news, and a lot of you may well know that the New York Times has released a very good AIR application for reading the news.  You may even recognize it from the demo that was given at Max 2008 (for the International Herald Tribune).


Well what I didn’t know until today was at the same time the NYT have released a Silverlight kit so that developers can build an app using Silverlight and pull in various articles from the NYT.


This just seems like very bad timing and another kick in the teeth for Silverlight (don’t get me wrong I’d like to have as many RIA languages out there to give me a choice depending on the project requirements). So around the same week they release a kit for Silverlight they drop their Silverlight reader in favour of a AIR reader due to issues with Silverlight.


I think we still need to wait a while for Silverlight to mature a bit (which I’m sure it will) before using it fully.  

It would be interesting to find out how many of the major early adaptors of Silverlight are still using it. Every now and then you hear of a major Silverlight project being dropped in favour of flash/AIR.  Am I just not reading the MS blogs which have the opposite (i.e. flash/AIR projects being dropped for Silverlight)?


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