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React Finland :D

React Finland :D

2nd year at React Finland, almost underway but what a bonus I’ve had so far!
I will be tweeting (@_delp_) live from the event and all going well covering all the best bits – which hopefully will be quite a lot.

It’s almost underway, but even before the conference has started I’ve been to a meet up at where there was a great talk about on Micro front ends. Same thinking as mirco services, but for the front end – makes sense, yes!

Had a workshop day yesterday which quite literally flow past with NikkitaFTW Some great insights into cutting down payloads and start up times. Perhaps best piece of information came in chunk on Service workers.

Service workers are dangerous – yet powerful!


Yeahhhh, they host a great meet up.
Check out the food on offer. Chatting for many hours to dev’s from all over Finland, Canada, France and even Vietnam!

React Finland ReactJS

And of course it wouldn’t be Finland without have a drink or two in the sauna. They love sauna here – and why not!!! The world needs more of them.

Getting back into my Blog

Getting back into my Blog

Given in the past 3-4 years I’ve only put up around 3 or 4 posts I’m going to try and get back into posting useful information. This may well repeat things others have said, but it will be in my way.

Everyone has there own take on knowledge, so hopefully folk will find this helpful. In the early days of this blog I know it was viewed by many Flex developers. At one point it was pretty popular! But as we all know Flex is dead (still awesome and better in many ways than even the latest JS, but lets not go there…)

What’s my first topic going to be?


Why? well as I pick up ES6, I’m seeing many ‘funky’ and neat techniques which takes me a few reads to figure out what is exactly going on.

So if you want to find out more check back and hopefully I’ll have something worth reading!

Here is the first one –

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Email settings with a Buffalo linkstation NAS

Email settings with a Buffalo linkstation NAS

So I got myself a new Buffalo Linkstation for backing up a heap of data and part of its software features give you the option to send an email in case of hard drive errors or failure.

Fail, Fail, Fail again…

Well going through the options and trying every possible combination failed.

Double checked email ports/passwords/auth settings etc with my mail client settings and with the Godaddy help – nothing worked. Every test email failed.

Eventually I figured it out so thought I’d put this post up as it was a really simple solution – DO NOT EMAIL YOURSELF.

So I was sending the email from say [email protected] and sending it to [email protected].

This failed to send! No idea why but it did. After a while I decided to send it to another of my emails at a different domain – [email protected]. THIS WORKED!

I then added both email addresses to send to – [email protected] and [email protected]. This also worked.

Most odd, but hopefully this will help someone trying to figure it out.